How To Make Your House A Home

How To Make Your House A Home

When you decide to go through the process of a home renovation, you may want to create a space that represents you – your lifestyle and your personal tastes. These tastes vary from person to person, and the finished product depends entirely on what the homeowner wants to achieve in their renovated space.


We all know the gist about electrical in our homes; it can start a fire by flipping a switch on a fireplace, and it can start fires if not wired properly in a renovation or a new build. We use electricity every day in almost everything we do! When doing a renovation,...

Your Home’s Structure

Most people are aware of the basic structural components of a home, including the foundation, floor and wall framing, and of course, the roof. A floor joist is a very important structural member that is often overlooked. The floor joist, with the plywood sheathing on...

Asking The Right Questions Before You Start!

I’m sure we can all agree that renovations can be very stressful.   Even the most successful renovations – that run on time and on budget – still seem to cause stress! While you might not think it, when you hire a General Contractor, you are entering into a...