A Unique Creative Process With Master Edge Homes

A Unique Creative Process With Master Edge Homes

Creating your dream home is a wonderfully exciting challenge. At Master Edge Homes, we thrive on our ability to achieve a unique and hands-on creative approach to ensure that we are delivering a one-of-a-kind, luxury renovation experience that will encompass every aspect of your vision.

Building Your Dream Deck

With the summer season quickly approaching, it won’t be long before we quit our winter hibernation and venture outdoors. This summer if you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your outdoor living space to enjoy great company, sunshine, and evening dinners, look no...

Water Control vs. Waterproofing

The majority of basement waterproofing today is being done by system companies that claim to offer different methods but always steer you to their preferred method (usually an interior water control system). This one-size-fits-all approach benefits the waterproofing...

Sheet Goods

In our last blog post, we discussed floor joints and their current place in the home construction market. Today, we thought we’d continue the discussion and shift our focus this time to sheet goods. Sheet goods vary in price and subsequently quality, which is why it...